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How Dating Your Spouse Can Benefit Your Marriage

Dating your significant other (S.O.) is so easy before you get married, that’s why they call it dating. Something happens to couples after they get married especially after having kids where you kinda get lost in the day-to-day routine. Creating a routine with your spouse is necessary for successful cohabitation, but let me tell you how dating your spouse can greatly benefit your relationship.

Breaks the Mundane Routine

As important as it is to establish a routine with your spouse, it is just as important to set aside time to break free from those responsibilities even if it is just for a few hours a week. Just like kids need a break from class to go outside for recess, adults need a break from work, and kids (if you’re a parent that is) by going out or staying in and spending quality time with your S.O. Especially if quality time is your spouse’s love language. This benefits your relationship because it gives you both something to look forward to every week.

Learn New Things About Your Spouse

Spending time with your spouse can benefit your marriage because you’ll learn new things about your spouse that you might have not known about them before. It is kinda crazy how we think that our spouse is not supposed to change after getting married and that if they’re not the same person they were before you two got married then that means something is wrong. There is nothing wrong with someone changing. People change throughout life with new experiences and if you’re not taking time to discover your spouse’s development then you’re missing out. Ultimately dating your spouse every week will remind you why you fell in love with them, to begin with.

It Helps with Conflict Resolution

Just like getting your car’s oil changed will maintain the health of your car; dating your spouse every week will help resolve conflicts in your relationship. Instead of letting an issue brew for weeks if not months without a resolution, going on a date forces you to confront the issues you might be going through. Nobody wants to go on a bad date, so trying to resolve the issue will be a priority so you can enjoy the rest of your time together.

No More Excuses

Prioritizing your spouse shows them that you care. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Limit expectations at first until you get into the right rhythm for you two. Going out is too expensive? Then wait until the kids go to bed and cook dinner, light a candle, and turn off your phones. Go out for a walk, grab a coffee, heck even just go walk around Target (that’s what I and my husband do when all else fails, lol). It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You just have to make it look and feel different than your routine.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, if you did leave me a comment on how you’re going to try to incorporate a date night for you and your spouse. also, list some great date night ideas, I am always open to new things to do with my spouse. Take care.

-with love, Amanda

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