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Lose the Attitude: Why Your Thoughts Matter

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV

Your thoughts have a major impact on not only you but on everyone around you. It’s super important to be intentional with what you think. That goes to the way you think of yourself, the way you think of others, and the way you think of circumstances. There are two ways you can think: positive or negative. It’s really that simple. To be a positive thinker doesn’t mean to be delusional, and just because you’re honest doesn’t mean you have to think negatively. Thinking positively is not only ideal but necessary for a healthy life and here’s why:

Negativity and You

Negative thoughts can be so toxic that they can affect your mental and physical health. Negative thoughts can consume you just like having positive thoughts can consume you. It’s up to you to choose which thoughts will live in your mind. Negative thoughts are very sneaky, they start with one little negative thought at a time. Negative thoughts can be so sneaky that you don’t even realize that you’re being negative until your body physically warns you. Your body can warn you of conditions such as anxiety, weakened immune system (more colds and flu), and even cancer. Choose to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. I’ll give you an example: today at work a difficult patron walked by my desk and I was already dreading the interaction I already assumed would be bad due to previous interactions. I noticed my negative thoughts towards him and decided to change them into a positive one by thinking this man is always at the library because he obviously enjoys being here and probably doesn’t have anyone to talk to or anywhere else to be, I could be the only person that smiles at him today.” I then decided to treat him with kindness and respect, and load and behold we had a perfectly normal interaction. I’m not saying it will always be this easy, but what I have to continually remind myself is that my circumstances do not determine if I have joy in my heart or not.

Negativity and Your Kids

If you have young kids in your life you’ll know that they’re watching you, lol. It’s so touching to know that my child watches me and looks up to me (literally). They are looking up to us for comfort, encouragement, and affirmation, amongst other things. You’re an example of what an adult should be. If I am grumpy and every time my child looks at me I have a frown on my face then that’s what they are going to think of me when they become an adult. I don’t want my reputation to be that I was a grumpy, annoyed, depressed, or anxious mom. I want my child to feel safe enough to come to me for anything. How do I expect my child to come to me when they need something if they think “mommy is not in a good mood”, so they end up suppressing their emotions? For my kids to come to me for help I need to be emotionally stable. I will say this again because I believe it’s worth repeating, negativity is contagious. your child will mimic you, if you’re negative to your kids they will be negative to their siblings or their classmates or teachers.

Negativity and God

Thinking negativity leads you further away from God. If you allow negative thoughts to pay rent in your mind, then you’re kicking out God from your mind. Light and darkness can’t coexist in the same place. God is good, despite our circumstances. God doesn’t enjoy seeing us suffer, but He finds pleasure in us leaning on Him and waiting patiently for Him. To glorify God means to praise Him while we sweep the floor, cook dinner, and even wipe our baby’s butt. No matter the situation, if we think of every situation as an opportunity to glorify Him then we can exercise our minds to think positively. It can be easy to become negative in a world with so many bad things happening, but I don’t think God ever intended for us to worry about every single thing that is happening in the world. Our minds can’t handle that much negativity. Free your mind by letting go and letting God take control. He is all-knowing. Rest in His perfect peace.

Be a Magnet

Being positive is attractive. There is not denying that just as being negative pushes people away, being positive draws them closer. If you don’t take anything else away then take away this fact. I’m sure you already know this by now though anyway. People are suffering in the world, and are looking for hope. Hope can be found within you. Smile, have a conversation with someone you usually don’t, be giving, stop worrying, and maintain harmony.

With love

– Amanda

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