Sometimes You Just Don’t Get What You Want

Sometimes you just don’t get what you want. Have you ever been told this? How does this make you feel? Well, if I’m honest, I sometimes feel a little egotistical when I don’t get what I want. I say, “why does this happen to me?” or ” It’s not fair.” Well, guess what, honey bunny, I have some news for you; it’s not all about you.

What About Me?

I must admit, I love me some Joyce Meyer; I don’t care how overrated you might think she is. I genuinely believe she is a woman of God, and she inspires me to live for Christ every day. I believe the first time I was introduced to the teachings of Joyce Meyer, a worldwide Evangelist, was while I was at work. I was shelving books when I picked up one of her books called The Battlefield of the Mind, one of her most popular books. I downloaded her book and listened, and I was blown away by how practical and direct she was. That’s my type of girl; I don’t like beating around the bush either. If you’re giving me advice, make sure it’s practical as well.
Not only was I hooked to her teachings of the Bible, but I admired her strength and resilience. She went through a lot of sexual abuse from her father as a child, married the wrong man in her early 20’s, became a divorcee with a baby, married a man of God a few years later, and had three more kids with him. I say all this because she was an overcomer of her past. She did not get where she is now by being passive, bitter, or feeling sorry for herself. In one of her sermons, she goes into the story about this robot, who woke up every day in a bad mood. This robot wouldn’t even step out of bed yet, and his negative thoughts would wine him up for the day. Once negativity winds him up to his capacity, negativity would let him go, and the robot would go about his day saying, “what about me, what about me, what about me?”. The entire day all the robot would think about was himself. He was a very selfish robot, lol. Sometimes we fall into this type of thinking, which can get in the way of the blessings that God is trying to bless us. To put it simply, life is not all about us.

Be a Good Steward

We are not in control of our own lives. No matter how much you want to control your life, there is no more incredible feeling than to let go. I’m not speaking about not having self-control; that’s an entirely different topic within itself. I’m talking about letting go of control over the things that God is in the dominion. Bringing it back a little to the first point, it’s not all about me. This doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop doing the chores or stop taking care of your responsibilities.
On the contrary, letting go of control means you realize that life is not all about you. Why was I, for example, having such a tight grip on specific areas of my life? It’s because I wanted things to go MY way. Once I learned that the time I have here on Earth is borrowed, and I should be a good steward of God’s time, then everything changed for me. So now I think of others more often. That’s what God loves to see His children do anyways, love others as He loves us.

God Has a Plan For All of Us

My pastor once said, “God’s will for us is the same for all of us, but God’s plan for each of us is different.” Just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Sometimes what we want is different from what God wants for us. Back to the last point when I said that we are a steward of God’s time in our life. We should align our thoughts to be with God’s thoughts. Asking God what He wanted to do with my life has been the most liberating part of my story.

Always Learning

I don’t think the lesson was learned the first time around; I feel like I’m always practicing letting go of control and not just thinking of myself and what I want out of my life. What does God want from me? What are His plans for me? Will I follow him no matter if I never get anything I want? Having a relationship with Jesus is more important to Him than us getting what we want in life. But don’t fret because God’s word says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10. This so happens to be the Bible verse that is on my IG account, and it’s clearly one of my favorite verses of the Bible.

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-with love, Amanda

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